quick search adv search    home  |  about journal  |  editorial board  |  instruction  |  subscription  |  download  |  message  |  contact chinese cams 2006 , vol. buy generic viagra on line 28 issue (3) :335-338    doi: original articles current issue | next issue | archive | adv search << previous articles | next articles >> nephron-sparing surgery for 69 patients with renal tumors qiao ming-zhou;li chang-ling * department of urology, cancer hospital, cams and pumc, beijing 100021, china abstract reference related articles download: pdf (130kb)   html 0kb   export: bibtex or endnote (ris)      supporting info abstract  abstract:objective to evaluate the results of nephron-sparing surgery(nss) for renal tumors. where to buy generic viagra difference of viagra and viagra Methods a retrospective analysis was performed for the clinical data of 66 patients who were affected by renal tumors and treated with nss. viagra 100 or 50 cialis and viagra generic Results among 66 cases<63 were treated with partial nephrectomy and 6 with enucleation. viagra price india The renal vessel was clamped in 45 cases intraoperative. cheap viagra canada The histological subtypes included clear cell carcinoma in 40 cases, papillary renal cell carcinoma(rcc) in 2 cases, chromophobe rcc in 2 cases, angiomyolipoma in 24 cases, and adenoma in one case. Cost viagra walmart pharmacy Surgical margins were negative in all cases. order generic viagra online usa hours Seven patients had postoperative complications and no perioperative acute renal failure occurred. Generic viagra super force Among 44 cases with renal cell carcinoma, 42 were followed for mean 55. trial offer for viagra 4 months. get a viagra prescription The overall and disease-free 5-year survival rates were 97. difference of viagra and viagra 3% and 90. viagra online forsale 7%, respectively. viagra with no prescription Conclusion nss is a effective and safe operation for selected patients with renal tumors, providing functional advantage gained by the maximal preservation of unaffected renal parenchyma without sacrificing cancer control. viagra side effects grapefruit Service email this article add to my bookshelf add to citation manager email alert rss articles by authors qiao ming-zhou li chang-ling keywords: renal tumor   nepdron-sparinc surcery   radical nepdrectomy      received 2006-02-28; published 2006-06-30 corresponding authors: li chang-ling    cite this article:    qiao ming-zhou;li chang-ling. generic viagra without subscription Nephron-sparing surgery for 69 patients with renal tumors[j]  cams, 2006,v28(3): 335-338 url:       . viagra for cheap buy pfizer viagra online Obtener Adobe Flash Player